Our composite workshop is an one stop solution for all your carbon fibre needs. We manufacture custom parts and provide consultancy to incorporate carbon fibre as the replacement for other conventional materials, as it is a popular choice in high performance.
Boasting superb stiffness and tensile strength despite its minimal weight, carbon fibre is also renowned for its minimal thermal expansion and chemical resistance. Carbon fibre continues to be a go to choice in the aerospace and aviation industries. Modern commercial freight and passenger airlines feature carbon fibre composites, allowing them to be lighter and more fuel efficient.
Its weight and strength have also made carbon fibre popular in numerous military applications, including for helmets and other protective products, the wings on drones and other UAV’s to various weapons application.
Everything from golf clubs and fishing poles to lacrosse and hockey sticks, to tennis and badminton racquets uses carbon fibre composites. It is also incredibly common to see carbon fibre used in high end bicycling segments.